Wash Your Hands BIG Singalong Day! Wednesday 10th June 11:00am ...

Engaging kids to wash their hands PROPERLY in a FUN way & help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Welcome to the world's first ever Wash Your Hands BIG Singalong Day to teach children how to wash their hands properly in a FUN way to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and help keep Schools, Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens, homes and our community stay healthy and safe.

Join schools, kindergartens and homes across Australia to sing The Boogie Woogies Superhero Band's - 'Wash Your Hands Song' on the same day, at the same time on Wednesday 10 June at 11am.

You can access the 'Wash Your Hands' Song in the FREE Previews below, along with a lyric sheet and literacy activity to help children learn the song and practice for the big day!

To help us raise funds for children's charity, Happy Healthy Kidz Australia, you can unlock additional educational resources from the Curriculum Table below. Simply click the 'Unlock Resources' button and pay what you can. 100% of profits raised from the 'Wash Your Hands BIG Singalong Day' will be donated to Happy Healthy Kidz Australia.

For your small change, you can help make a BIG change to support Happy Healthy Kidz Australia to continue their great work supporting children's health and well-being in vulnerable communities across Australia.

We look forward to singing together as one for the Wash Your Hands BIG Singalong Day!

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Sally & Dave
Sally & Dave

Sally and Dave are celebrated children's entertainers, best known for playing 'Lovable Sally' and 'Guitar Dave' in The Boogie Woogies Superhero Band®. With over two decades of touring, The Boogie Woogies Superhero Band® have performed over 3000 shows, captivating children's hearts and imaginations with their original music from their award winning albums and dynamic stage productions.

Whether you hear them daily on radio, as ambassadors for charity, Happy Healthy Kidz Australia, presenting healthy tips for families or you've been to one of their thousands of shows, Sally and Dave have dedicated their careers to empowering children and supporting children's emotional, physical and mental well-being through music and the arts.

Sally has a background in Child Psychology from The University of Queensland and completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood at the Queensland University of Technology. She is an experienced educational specialist providing social emotional support to primary schools, and Dave is an experienced Music Producer, Musician, Performer and Social-Entrepreneur.

They support the evidence base for preventative health interventions, and have both been published in the International Peer Reviewed Pediatrics's Journal Children. Sally and Dave are social innovators, thought leaders and change makers - 'passionate about children's health and well-being'.

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