Eduhealth Plus is a social enterprise that is dedicated to delivering innovative, and evidence-based preventative health interventions and better solutions to social problems and unmet community needs and help Create Healthier Communities.

With a focus on supporting children through early intervention, we partner with Universities, NFPs, Government, Industry, Schools, Early Learning Centres, Businesses and the wider community, who like us, value empowering children with the knowledge and skills to help shape the world they live in and support them to become confident, resilient citizens who contribute to their communities now and into the future.

Our user friendly online programs support Teachers, Educators and Families to better engage and inspire children in their learning for better education, health and well-being outcomes. Everything we do is to empower children to be their best. We believe that every child can be more than good, that they can be great. The way we engage and empower children is through music, live theatre/the arts and digital technologies.

"At Eduhealth Plus everything we do, we believe is through listening, observing and connecting with leaders, so that collaboratively we can help each child reach their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally. We believe in thinking different..."

Social innovation is achieved by utilising the best of market based approaches to deliver new solutions to public health problems through a combination of creative thinking and creating shared value for sustainable and positive social impact and economic benefit.

We develop innovative program designs and technology to educate and empower communities and achieve better results and more measurable outcomes to optimise preventative health intervention outcomes and to help support the evidence base for effective preventative health promotion and interventions.

We look forward to partnering with you.

David McCallum and Selina Box - BA (Psych) DipEd
Co-Founders | Educators