Six Ways to Celebrate your Achievements

Eat Smart B Active - Six Ways to Celebrate your Achievements

Being recognised for the valuable contribution you make in children's lives every day is often neglected ... and sometimes you simply need to celebrate your achievements. But being recognised for your contributions and achievements is not always easy ...

In this article we'll share the back story of how we were chosen, and then featured front cover of a prestigious publication, along with SIX ways you can celebrate your own achievements and those of your peers.

It was back in 2013, when we received the call from Sensis® - after being nominated to feature on their Yellow and White Pages® publication in our local City of Ipswich. This was exciting news! We'd worked hard, and had delivered the Eat Smart B Active® program and Healthiest School Awards® to nearly every Ipswich Primary School and were getting terrific measurable educational outcomes, along with support from Local Papers, Radio, Television, MP's, Government and Industry.

But in a change of events, as we had expanded our program delivery to schools across South-East Queensland, Sensis® nominated us to feature on their prestigious South East Queensland's Metro City - Brisbane White Pages®. However, Sensis® couldn't guarantee we would be successful, and the nominations were all very high profile initiatives. This was a bitter sweet turn of events, but when Sensis' Board unanimously selected us and our program to feature front cover of the Brisbane White Pages® under the National theme 'Keeping Our Communities Healthy' we couldn't believe our luck. With distribution to every household, and being in the family home for 12 months - this was BIG! That same year Dr Ian Frazer (Frazer and his his team who developed the technology behind the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer at the University of Queensland) was featured front cover of the Yellow Pages® and we featured front cover of the White Pages®.

We're honoured to have featured front cover of Brisbane's White Pages, and being recognised for delivering the Eat Smart B Active® program to schools, and better supporting teachers with health curriculum innovation and Keeping Our Communities Healthy. As program Founders we look back at those early days, and are proud of how far we've come, and how many teachers, schools, children and families we now support across the globe each year.

So as Teachers and Educators, remember to celebrate your achievements and leverage the experience and wisdom of your peers, coaches and evidence-based pedagogies and programs for the best educational outcomes.

Here's SIX ways you can help celebrate you or your peers' achievements ...

Six Ways to Celebrate Achievement

  • Just say it. A Straight forward, face-to-face "well done" is a simple but effective way to celebrate achievement ...
  • Share success stories
  • Give a gift or award on assembly or parade
  • Set up a Teachers hall of fame
  • Get together socially or organise a team day out
  • If your State Department / Teachers Association or Industry have an awards program – remember to nominate a peer too!

Wishing you and your peers every success, and enjoy celebrating your achievements to support a healthy work culture.

You can learn more about the Eat Smart B Active® program here

David and Selina - BA (Psych) DipEd

Co-Founders | Educators