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An Integrated Health Unit for Early Learning Centres / Kindergartens - Food and Nutrition (FN) and Health Benefits of Physical Activity (HBPA)

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Eat Smart B Active® is an evidence-based program that better supports Educators to embed and deliver food and nutrition education and physical activity into Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres' programs. The interactive online program makes Educators' jobs easier to optimise children's engagement and deliver age-appropriate lessons and FUN learning experiences!

Collaborative Program Design

Eat Smart B Active® has been designed by Educators, for Educators and in consultation with Nutritionists, Health and Behavioural Specialists, Educational Specialists and Entertainment Professionals, along with research and evaluation partner, The University of Queensland.

The program's evidence-base has been published in the International peer-reviewed Paediatrics Journal Children, and the program has been accredited by the Education Department. So, you can be reassured the program will work for your centre to help deliver accurate health messages, engaging lessons and enjoyable learning experiences!


Available in days
days after you enrol
Available in days
days after you enrol
Available in days
days after you enrol

Get started ...

Flexible Delivery

Employing the latest research, innovative design and creative pedagogy to inspire children's learning and optimise health literacy outcomes, Eat Smart B Active® is designed to make Educators' jobs easier with ready-to-go lessons, including engaging videos, gamified quizzes, interactive activities and downloadables. It's as simple as pressing 'play' and print! Then clicking 'complete and continue' to deliver the next lesson! Easy!


1. Eat Smart B Active® LIVE

  • Online delivery

Delivered digitally to your centre to make learning fun!

The fully integrated program is anchored by the Eat Smart B Active® LIVE production, which engages children through the powerful mediums of music, the arts and superhero archetype to build children's knowledge and understanding.

2. Online Platform

Employs creative pedagogy to make Educators' jobs easier to better engage and inspire children's educational and health outcomes:

  • Eat Smart B Active® LIVE - 3 x 20 minute videos + full 60 minute version
  • Gamified Quizzes and Interactive Activities
  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework aligned Lesson Plans and printable resources
  • Videos and Songs
  • Includes optional assessment to meet reporting and observation requirements
  • Accessible on all smart devices

3. Healthiest Kindy & School Awards®

The Eat Smart B Active® program's Healthiest Kindy Awards® & Healthiest School Awards® challenge provides explicit opportunities for children to demonstrate performance and practical application to meet assessment criteria, and helps build stronger, healthier and more resilient Kindergarten, Early Learning Centre and School communities.

The program's evidence base, published in international peer-reviewed Paediatrics Journal - Children, highlighted a significant increase in children's nutrition knowledge, positive attitudinal change, and most importantly, behavioural change through increasing nutritional content in children's lunch boxes (including the doubling of vegetables and reduction in processed, packaged 'sometimes' foods).


'Keeping Our Communities Healthy'

Selina Box & David McCallum, founders Eat Smart B Active®

and Healthiest School Awards® programs


D. McCallum & S. Box BA (Psych) DipEd
D. McCallum & S. Box BA (Psych) DipEd

Selina and David are founders of the Eat Smart B Active® program, and are passionate advocates for children's health, education and social-emotional wellbeing.

Selina and David have collaborated with Teachers, Educational Specialists, Nutritionists, Health and Behavioural Specialists, along with the University of Queensland in the design of the Eat Smart B Active® program, to better support Families and Educators with the latest in health curriculum innovation, creative pedagogies, research, and in the delivery of evidence based programs.

Selina is the author of the popular children's health-literacy storybook - 'I am a Superhero - Fruit & Veg'. Selina and David have written and recorded three award winning children’s albums, produced multiple theatrical productions, toured and performed over 3,000 live shows and are best known for playing 'Lovable Sally' and ‘Guitar Dave’ in The Boogie Woogies Superhero Band® for more than two decades.

Selina is an Early Childhood Specialist and Teacher. She has a degree in Psychology from The University of Queensland, along with a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and is an experienced educational specialist providing social emotional support to primary schools and early learning centres.

As ambassadors for children’s charity, Happy Healthy Kidz Australia, Selina and David are heard daily on radio nationally, presenting healthy tips and education to the wider community. They featured front cover of the Metro Brisbane - Australian White Pages for their contribution to ‘Keeping Our Communities Healthy’.

In 2017, Selina and David were recognised as highly commended innovators, chosen from 74 countries, for the Global Launch Food Innovation Showcase - an International initiative of the Australian Government, U.S Aid, Nike and NASA - to improve health outcomes by educating people to make healthy food choices.

Selina and David actively support the evidence-base for preventative health interventions, and in 2018, a scientific study of the Eat Smart B Active® program implemented by researchers at the University of Queensland and published in the International peer-reviewed Paediatrics Journal – Children, reported statistically significant improvements in school children’s nutritional knowledge, attitude, and behaviours, along with the doubling of vegetables and reduction of sometimes foods packed in children’s lunchboxes.

Selina and David are social innovators, thought leaders and change makers who have dedicated their careers to children’s education, happiness and wellbeing, and today welcome you to take part in the Eat Smart B Active® program to inspire children's health literacy and empower children with knowledge and skills to help shape the world that they live in to enable children to contribute to their communities now and into the future.

So, what are you waiting for … let’s get started!


Eat Smart B Active® - a highly commended

innovation from across 74 Countries for

Global Launch Food


Program's evidence base is published in Paediatrics Journal Children

What Teachers have to say ...

"What a wonderful way to teach my kids about Nutrition - my classroom was so engaged with the music, storytelling and the wonderful superhero role models they could relate to! It incited some quality, robust discussions and also supported our English focus on recounts and personal connections, and aligned well with our Maths unit.

I LOVED seeing my kids dancing to the songs and they were so excited about answering the fun quizzes to see how much they knew! The lessons were SO easy to deliver - so much more engaging than anything I've seen in the classroom before - and all I had to do was follow the prompts and click play or print! I can't believe how much I learnt about nutrition myself too!

If you're an early years Teacher, I couldn't recommend this program enough.

Sharon, Kindy Teacher - All Hallows Catholic School

“As head of the Primary Campus of Westside Christian College I have seen the great benefits to our students from our school’s participation in the Eat Smart B Active program and Healthiest School Awards.

As the Eat Smart B Active program has a strong whole school focus, its positive effects are maximised as children’s healthy choices positively impact on their peers, in which I believe creates a positive social change. The program motivates children to be involved and rewards them for making healthy choices. Furthermore, the program is sustainable and fits with our school’s culture. I highly recommend the program to any school that wishes to implement a quality sustainable program for the health curriculum and wellbeing of their school community.”

Graeme, Head of Primary - Westside Christian College

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the tremendous support you have given us. The Eat Smart B Active program has had a positive impact on the whole school, teachers included."

Jan, Support Teacher - Literacy and Numeracy, Eagleby State School

“I believe the Eat Smart B Active program and Healthiest School Awards is such a positive way to improve children’s lives. Some of the children wouldn’t receive the messages about nutrition from anywhere else, and the employment of music with the show and the rewards challenge is such a fun way to engage children’s interest.

I noticed that children were talking more about nutrition and the five everyday food groups between each other, and the program was influencing individual behaviour by positive social factors. Children were even talking about Nutrition Labels and reminding each other to look at the labels.

I believe all schools and students should be involved in the Eat Smart B Active program and Healthiest School Awards so that the healthy message can reach all children, especially those whose parents aren’t educated about nutrition. The program aligns with the curriculum and I would definitely recommend the program to other schools.”

Nicole, HOC - Brassall State School

“The children in my class thoroughly enjoyed the program. I found that the understanding and knowledge of being healthy increased in my classroom. Students would come running into my classroom in the morning to show me their 5 point lunch.

Yesterday during eating duty some students were looking at the nutritional label on a chocolate coated … bar, the students were in a deep conversation on its nutritional value. I also noticed some students comparing the sugar and fat total of various lunch bars and determining the healthier choice.

Overall the program was a success! Thank you for the opportunity to implement this program. My students and I are so much more aware of what it means to be healthy.”

Annie, Year 3 Teacher - Silkstone State School

“The Eat Smart B Active and Healthiest School Awards program gets children thinking about what they’re eating and that food has a job – it’s what our bodies need to work properly.

I think the program is fabulous. To me, even if you can get one child in the class to start bringing in a piece of fruit when they didn’t before, it’s really valuable, especially in low socio-economic schools like ours.

Poor nutrition is too important an issue to keep talking about and not seeing results. I strongly believe all schools should have access to the Eat Smart B Active and Healthiest School Awards program to support the delivery of the Health Curriculum.”

Sonia, Year 4 Teacher - Ipswich East State School

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Eat Smart B Active program easy to deliver?
Our platform is user-friendly and used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students world-wide. It's as simple as pressing 'play' and print! Then clicking 'complete and continue' to deliver the next lesson! Easy!
How long do I have access to the Eat Smart B Active program?
The license and access to the Eat Smart B Active program applies to the specific year level you choose (e.g Kindy, Prep/Foundation, Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6), and plan you select (i.e 10 weeks, 6 months, 12 months OR annual subscription). Teachers have the flexibility to deliver the unit to suit personal needs and requirements, The Health Curriculum: Food & Nutrition (FN) and Health Benefits of Physical Activity (HBPA) aligned worksheets and assessment can be downloaded to your computer or viewed directly from a smart board or similar. The content can be utilised to deliver other key areas of the curriculum (including English, Mathematics and The Arts).
What if I am unhappy with the unit?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first seven days and we will give you a full refund.
Can I access the content on other devices?
You will find all of the program's content conveniently located in the one place, with step by step delivery and accessible on all devices: Desktop - PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV.

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